The Reggane project includes the Reggane, Azrafil Southeast, Kahlouche, South Kahlouche, Tiouliline and Sali fields, all part of permissions granted for blocks 351c and 352c in the Reggane Basin, 1,500 km southwest of Algiers.

The development project aims to develop wells, surface facilities and infrastructure to exploit commercial reserves found in the blocks. According to preliminary estimates, a total of 104 wells distributed throughout the six development areas – Reggane, Kahlouche, Sali, Southeast Azrafil, South Kahlouche, Tiouliline – will be developed.

The approximately $US3 billion project will involve construction of a 100 km, 24 inch diameter gas export pipeline – which will originate in Reggane and end in Dorsal – as well as a gas treatment plant, a gas accumulation system, and associated infrastructure (runway, electrical systems).

Repsol expects to start production in mid-2016. Production will span 25 years, and the consortium anticipates achieving a stable production rate of 8 MMcm/d of gas during the first twelve years.

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Repsol has 29.25 per cent stake in the consortium that will develop the project, in partnership and jointly operated with the Algerian state-owned company Sonatrach (40 per cent), Germany’s RWE Dea AG (19.5 per cent), and Italy’s Edison (11.25 per cent).