PPIM Contra – call for papers
PPIM Contra – call for papers

Construction completed on Guadalajara

In June 2011, TransCanada completed the 307 km, 30 inch diameter Guadalajara Pipeline, which will supply ComisiÌ_n Federal de Electricidad’s power plant, located in Mexico.

The contract for the project was awarded to wholly-owned TransCanada affiliate EnergÌ_a Occidente de MÌ©xico (EOM) by the ComisiÌ_n Federal de Electricidad (CFE), Mexico’s state-owned electric company, in May 2009. Under the contract, EOM was to build, own and operate the pipeline with a 25-year gas transportation service contract.

The original pipeline route was optimised by EOM in order to improve the safety, environmental impacts and constructability of the pipeline, with the final route running through the Mexican states of Jalisco and Colima.

The entire pipeline is made up of two sections, with the first consisting of a 6km, 24 inch diameter pipeline connecting a newly-built LNG regasification facility, located near Manzanillo on the Pacific Coast of Mexico, to the CFE-owned CT Manzanillo power plant. This section has the capacity to transport 500 MMcf/d of natural gas to the power plant.

The remainder of the pipeline is bi-directional, allowing gas to flow from north to south or south to north. It has a diameter of 30 inches and transports 320MMcf/d of natural gas from the Manzanillo LNG terminal to an interconnection with Pemex Gas y PetroquÌ_mica BÌÁsica’s national pipeline system near Guadalajara, in the state of Jalisco.

The pipeline was constructed in two spreads with approximately 700 workers employed on each. The pipeline was buried at a depth of over 1 m on a 30 m wide right-of-way with a permanent easement of 10 m and a temporary work area of 20m. Two meter stations were also installed – one at the CFE-power plant and one at the interconnection point with Pemex’s pipeline system. Both meter stations were built by EOM, however, the former is owned and operated by EOM while ownership and operation of the latter was handed to Pemex following construction.

TransCanada President and Chief Executive Officer Russ Girling said “The Guadalajara Pipeline represents key infrastructure that will allow CFE to continue developing a natural gas-fired electricity generation fleet in the rapidly growing central region of Mexico.”

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