The Ultimate Guide to Unpiggable Pipelines now available for FREE download

Pipelines International together with sponsors A.Hak and Rosen have put together the Ultimate Guide to Unpiggable Pipelines to help your company advance its inspection and integrity management. The downloadable PDF will outline all you need to know about unpiggable pipelines, who supplies the tools you need and case studies on how they work – and it’s FREE!

Located on the Pipelines International Shop, the resource has been developed to ensure you are able to make an educated choice when tackling “˜unpiggable’ problems and to ensure your pipelines integrity is maintained.

The need for this e-guide

Finding adequate inspection solutions for unpiggable pipelines is fast becoming an industry priority.

Approximately three quarters of gas pipelines in the United States were not built with in-line inspection (ILI) in mind, and considerable preplanning and capital expense would be required to alter the pipeline infrastructure. These issues include those relating to access, low pressure or low flow, multi-diameter pipelines, and physical barriers. If not adequately inspected, these pipelines can be a threat to the population.


The resource will cover a number of things including:

    • Why it is important pipelines are maintained?


    • Why type of pipelines are deemed “˜unpiggable’?


    • Case studies


    • Matrix of tools


    • Company profiles


    • Frequently asked questions


  • A checklist to help you ensure you choose the right tool for the job.


Click here to download your free copy now!

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