PPIM Contra – call for papers
PPIM Contra – call for papers

Pigging products and services supplier introduces new product line

Houston-based Precision Pigging has launched a new line of high quality pigging products, ranging from foam swabs to cleaning and dewatering pigs, as well as a full line of urethane cups, discs, and steel mandrel pigs. The company served as a Platinum Sponsor of this year’s Pipeline Pigging and Integrity Management Conference and Exhibition, held in Houston, Texas, where its new product line was on display.

These new products complement Precision Pigging’s existing signature geometry and deformation services.

Precision Pigging now offers the following products:

    • Foam swabs;


    • Polly pigs (light-, medium-, and high-density);


    • Brush pigs;


    • Conical cups;


    • Scraper cups;


    • Scraper discs;


    • Solid-cast urethane pigs;


    • Steel mandrel pigs; and,


  • Custom pigs upon request.

The company also provides consulting services for cleaning and drying services, and its wealth of experience means that clients will always have qualified assistance in choosing the correct products for their application.

New website goes live

Another exciting development for Precision Pigging is the launch of its new mobile-friendly website. In addition to allowing clients to request geometry/deformation services and calculate run times, the new website also includes an industry-first secure online ordering system for pipeline pigging products.

Clients can use the secure interface to order exactly what they require for their project, and schedule delivery when they need it. Clients who wish to place custom or rush orders will benefit from the 24 hour a day, 7 days a week, toll-free number.

Signature geometry and deformation services

Precision Pigging remains a leader in state-of-the-art technology, proven by a remarkable first run success rate. With a probability of accuracy approaching 98 per cent and a probability of detection approaching
99 per cent, Precision Pigging’s geometry/deformation tool runs provide complete peace of mind for its clients. The accuracy of Precision Pigging’s data allows clients to save both time and money by eliminating unnecessary digs.

Service as a priority

Precision Pigging operates as a true service company, which means clients receive personalised project management on their requested schedule. Rapid onsite deployment, means that projects do not suffer delays waiting on a pigging contractor to show up onsite.

Precision Pigging’s clients can arrange for project estimating, scheduling, project fulfilment, and run results with just one phone call.

The dual commitment to technological advancement and high level customer service starts from the very top of the Precision Pigging organisation. Still a family owned and operated company, Precision Pigging’s ownership and employees take great pride in providing quality service and products to its clients.

2015 will be a very exciting year of growth for Precision Pigging, with a workforce that will more than double in size over the next several months.

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