PPIM Contra – call for papers
PPIM Contra – call for papers

Atmos releases product to reduce damage of pipeline leaks

Atmos International has released a hardware and software solution which is designed to reduce the damage caused by pipeline leaks.

Pipeline Guardian is a line of software and hardware designed to fill the gaps in leak detection and detect leaks faster than conventional systems.

The hardware is intended for pipelines that lack sufficient instrumentation, power, or have poor telecommunications that has been previously inhibited leak detection.

The intelligent control panel collects, analyses, and transmits the data, and contains on-board storage back-up to prevent data loss during communications outages; solar panels are also available to sites that lack power.

The data can be processed locally or sent back to the pipeline control centre.

Communications options include TCP/IP, line-of-sight radio, GSM, and satellite.

Clamp-on flow meters are customisable and require little flow conditioning, which allows for installation in tight spaces.


Hardware options include high-resolution pressure senses and the Halo pressure sensor which attaches to the outside of the pipeline, eliminating the need for pipeline tapping.

Acoustic sensors are also available to detect leaks by correlating the noise fluid makes as it escapes the pipeline.

The leak-detection software modules are: intelligent flow balance, negative pressure wave, dynamic pressure and flow rate modelling, and acoustic-noise correlation.

Pipeline Guardian can also be strategically placed to isolate pipeline sections prone to column separation, which allows for optimal threshold settings on the tight and slack sections of a pipeline.

Founded in 1995, Atmos provides pipeline leak and theft detection and simulation technology to the oil, gas, water and associated industries.

Their products have been used by companies including Shell, BP, and ExxonMobil.

For more information visit the Atmos website.

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Images courtesy of Atmos International

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