Technical Productions and Transneft to produce new pipeline journal

The Managing Director of Technical Productions (London) John Tiratsoo has signed an agreement with the major Russian oil company Transneft to establish an international scientific and technical journal focused on pipeline transportation.

The new English-language journal, Pipeline Science & Technology, will be published quarterly in the UK, with the first edition in June, 2017.

The peer-reviewed journal will provide a major opportunity for Russian and western scientists to exchange information on scientific and technological research and achievements in the field of pipeline transportation and environment safety, in Russia and around the world.

The Editor-in-Chief of the new publication will be Valentin Komatitsa, who is also editor of Transneft R&D’s existing Russian-language scientific journal, while Mr Tiratsoo will be the UK production editor.

Transneft R&D Director General Dr Yuri Lisin said “I am certain that this new journal will help us to enrich the exchange and accumulation of knowledge, in particular in the area of operating large pipeline systems with prolonged service lives.”


Mr Tiratsoo, who is also the Editor-in-Chief of Pipelines International and the Journal of Pipeline Engineering, said “Having an understanding of the importance of the task of distributing the best experience and knowledge, I am very pleased to get started with this new journal.

“I hope that the papers which are to be published in this journal will be interesting both for Russian and foreign scientists and engineers, and be of practical use for the international pipeline community,” he said.

Prior to joining the publishing industry in 1979, Mr Tiratsoo achieved chartered professional status as a civil engineer and spent his early career building roads and bridges in the UK for the Department of Transport, and in Sub-Saharan Africa for a number of World Bank projects.

John Tiratsoo and Dr Yuri Lisin sign the agreement to produce the new pipeline journal.

In 2007 he was instrumental in the founding of the Professional Institute of Pipeline Engineers (PIPE), and he is currently chairman of a pipeline-industry group working on establishing competencies for various levels of engineers in the international pipeline industry.

In partnership with Clarion Technical Services he has also initiated a number of successful conference series, dealing with pipeline pigging, pipeline integrity, and pipeline risk management and reliability.

For more information visit the Transneft website.

If you have news you would like featured in Pipelines International contact Assistant Editor Nick Lovering at

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