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Fotech launches “world’s first” pipeline monitoring product

Fotech Solutions has launched LivePIPE II, a technology upgrade that extends the range of fibre optic sensing technology to 100 km for the first time.

Fotech said the introduction of the technology is “world’s first”, significantly simplifying and lowering the cost of deploying a distributed fibre optic (DFO) sensing solution on a pipeline.

The company says that the new dual-channel technology delivers a monitoring range up to 100 km from each individual module, with no loss of detection accuracy or sensitivity at any point.

Consequently, LivePIPE II is designed to make it easier to detect leaks and third-party intrusions over long distances.

The product also introduces Fotech’s enhanced data and acoustic management (EDAM) technology, giving operators enhanced insight into their pipeline’s integrity.

EDAM allows operators to listen to activity at a specified location on the installed fibre in real-time, offering new assistance in identifying the exact nature of potential threats; it can also identify and record segments of data that can be stored for up to three months, replayed, listened to, and used to analyse and enhance LivePIPE’s event detection algorithms.

Fotech said these new features make LivePIPE II one of the most advanced fully-automated fibre optic sensing solutions in the world.

“Fibre optic sensing technologies are increasingly vital to operators’ security strategies and are no longer seen as just a ‘nice to have’,” Fotech Solutions CEO Chris Shannon said.

“Issues of pipeline theft, accidental damage, and the environmental damage both scenarios can cause, are not going away.

“LivePIPE II offers operators a major step forward in being able to prevent and mitigate the financial and environmental consequences of such integrity incidents.

“With LivePIPE II, Fotech is demonstrating its technological leadership by pushing the boundaries of DFO solutions and this next generation product represents a significant breakthrough for pipeline operators.”

For more information visit the Fotech Solutions website.

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Images supplied by Fotech Solutions

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