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Richmond provides largescale rollers for Nigerian pipeline project

Richmond Wheel & Castor Co has provided 150 largescale pipe rollers for a pipe-launch project in Nigeria.

Richmond was contacted in late 2016 by a German specialty engineering company to provide the largescale rollers for the project, which was to launch a pipeline from onshore to an offshore docking platform as part of a major infrastructure upgrade.

One of the biggest challenges to overcome was the terrain, as the pipeline needed to traverse jungle, sand, mud and rivers.

Richmond was contacted because of its excellent record in the supply of high quality, reliable and heavy duty pipe handling products, and because of its high degree of flexibility in what is offered.

The rollers were designed for a pipe range of 2 inch (50 mm) to 42 inch (1,066 mm), with a maximum capacity of 30,000 kg per roller unit.

The wide range of pipe sizes was catered for by incorporating a method to adjust the roller position.

The specification also called for a highly versatile design with capabilities to stack neatly and easily while not in operation, and to be easily moved with a standard forklift.

The frame was made from steel and galvanised to withstand the rugged marine conditions, and the load capacity was verified using computer modelling techniques.

The rollers were a very high quality polyurethane, giving strength and durability while also ensuring that the pipe itself is not damaged during the installation.

As one of the company’s largest engineering projects to date, the success of the rollers demonstrates its ability to provide a complete turnkey solution from start to finish, including all design, material selection, verification, testing and construction.

For more information visit the Richmond website.

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Images supplied by Richmond Wheel & Castor Co

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