Magnum Energy launches WEST Header open season

Magnum Energy Midstream Holdings has launched a non-binding open season for its Western Energy Storage and Transportation (WEST) Header Project.

The proposed project involves the construction of a new 1,047 km large diameter natural gas pipeline that will move product interstate bi-directionally to multiple receipt, delivery and storage points along the Western Energy Corridor.

WEST Header will use salt cavern storage in Utah and provide access to natural gas supplies in hubs in Wyoming, Utah and the Permian Basin, sending flows west to location at or near Ehrenberg, Arizona.

The project is anticipated to deliver supplies to local and export markets including: Salt Lake City Valley, Las Vegas, Southern California, Phoenix, Tucson and Mexico.

“Most traditional natural gas pipeline infrastructure projects have been designed to flow unidirectionally, from supply point to end-user,” said Magnum Energy Executive VP Kevin Holder.

“Historically single directional flows worked well for traditional 24 hour rateable gas deliveries.

“With the introduction of intermittent renewable energy sources, the need for strategically located natural gas infrastructure to provide intra-day flexibility has become increasingly important.

“By utilising multiple HDMC salt caverns for gas storage and large capacity pipe for natural gas transportation, the WEST Header Project is being designed with increased flexibility of gas flows in mind.

“In fact, the WEST Header Project can be described as an environmentally friendly pipeline project that further enables the development of intermittent renewable energy resources by providing a ‘shock absorber’ or ‘battery,’ allowing for intraday flexibility in managing the growing ‘duck curve’.

“Additionally, this project opens new markets in need of incremental gas supplies including West Coast LNG exports and Mexico’s developing power generation load.”

The non-binding open season will close at 5pm Mountain Daylight Time on 31 August 2018.

For more information visit the WEST Header website.

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