BHGE and Enbridge launch enhanced tools testing

Baker Hughes, a GE Company (BHGE) and Enbridge Inc. have launched testing of enhanced pipeline inspection tools after a 14-month development of a multi-year research and development project.

The ultrasonic phased array pipeline sensors are the next generation of enhanced pipeline inline inspection (ILI) tool and will improve accuracy, identification of crack features, as well as presenting more detailed data on pipeline conditions and, ultimately, increasing pipeline safety.

The ILI tool sensors allow operators to detect and characterise anomalies in a pipeline that could affect its health.

“At Enbridge, nothing matters more to us than safety, and investing in projects like this helps drive safety and reliability performance to new levels,” said Enbridge VP Pipeline Integrity Walter Kresic.

“Proactive investments in innovation and technology like this are intended to add another layer of safety to our pipeline networks and ultimately, benefit the industry as whole.”

BHGE VP Process and Pipeline Services Michael Bellamy said the Enbridge partnership on the project showed its commitment to improving pipeline safety using leading technologies.

“Next-generation sensor technologies will make a significant contribution to Enbridge’s pipeline integrity objectives.

“The next generation of phased array sensor technology will represent a significant step change in pipeline ILI, enabling a more comprehensive assessment of the threats to pipeline integrity.

“The sensors are mounted on a robotic inspection device, commonly referred to as a ‘smart pig’, which travels along the inside of a pipeline, measuring the condition of the pipe wall as it goes.”

For more information visit the BHGE website.

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