Medallion launches binding open season

Medallion Pipeline Company has launched a binding open season for the major expansion of its crude oil pipeline system in the Midland Basin.

The system was placed in service in 2014 and currently comprises a network of approximately 1,126 km of 6 inch (153 mm) and larger crude oil pipeline facilities to transport crude oil to the Colorado City Hub, the Crane Hub and the Midland Hub.

This provides access to multiple long-haul, large-volume pipelines for transportation to downstream markets.

Medallion is proposing the expansion of six pipeline segments and the construction of a 16 inch (407 mm) loop of the existing Midkiff Lateral to address the growing need for increased pipeline capacity in the region.

The open season – closing on 15 August 2018 – provides an opportunity for interested shippers to acquire long-term firm capacity and for existing firm shippers to amend their existing Transportation Services Agreements.

For more information visit the Medallion website.

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