30 days after September start date
30 days after September start date

Inline Services introduces innovative products

In 2018, Inline Services had an exciting year, introducing two innovative and versatile pigs to the market.

Since it was established more than 25 years ago, Inline has been a pigging manufacturer and supplier to the international pipeline industry.

As leaders in the pipeline pigging industry, Inline Services’ pigging experts are always looking for opportunities to solve complex problems for the company’s customers through the innovation of new products. During the course of 2018, Inline launched two new stand-out products: the MULTI-CAST™ Pig and the PIGMITTER.


The MULTI-CAST Pig was introduced to the pipeline industry in July 2018 to great reviews. The innovative new pig design includes a urethane shaft providing durability and flexibility when passing through pipeline elbows, as well as the advantage of configuring the pig with any combination of accessories such as cups, discs, magnets and brushes.

The urethane shaft is threaded and uses a large nut to hold the accessories in place. After a run, accessories can be replaced in any combination.

The pig’s unique design enables the tool to be equipped with brushes, making it effective for removing mill scale, black powder and other hard to remove scale. The reusable urethane shaft flexes and cleans while offering customisation options and efficiency not available from traditional steel mandrel or solid cast urethane pigs.


Inline introduced the new PIGMITTER Pig in August 2018. Despite being small in size, the pig provides a big solution for tracking challenges in 2–3 inch (51–76 mm) lines.

Inline Services’ PIGMITTER.

The PIGMITTER design is simple yet effective, using either the TX-1AA or TX-1AAW transmitter as the pig body. Although any of Inline’s TX Transmitters can be used as a pig body, these two models are best suited to the job due to their length and ability to manage short radius bends.

If longer battery life is needed, or there are no bend issues, any transmitter can serve as a PIGMITTER body.

Mounting flanges are used to customise the PIGMITTER with any combination of cups and discs. Since the transmitter is reusable, additional accessories can be purchased and swapped-out easily in the field using a few basic tools.

The unit can also be tracked with an electromagnetic antenna, such as Inline’s RX-101 receiver.

Innovation on the horizon

Despite the company’s achievements throughout 2018, Inline isn’t resting on its laurels. The company has exciting announcements planned for early 2019 about new and innovative equipment and software designed for high velocity pipelines.

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