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PPIM Contra – call for papers

NDT Global advances inspection technology

NDT Global has advanced its crack sizing technology with the introduction of the Evo Eclipse.

In addition to introducing its new Evo Eclipse UCx technology, the company has improved the sizing accuracy of its UCx technology by 20 per cent.

Enhanced sizing is designed specifically for high-precision inspection of axial cracks in welds and the level of precision is shown in its probability of detection specification for axial cracks, crack-like anomalies and linear indications equal to or greater than 99 per cent.

“We’re extremely proud of what our team has accomplished,” said NDT Global President and CEO Richard Matthews.

“One of these breakthroughs would have been an achievement. Introducing a solution that incorporates two industry firsts is remarkable.”

The Evo Eclipse offers a sensor configuration that provides the capability to identify and accurately size tilted and skewed cracks, and a new inline inspection (ILI) critical-feature detection capability supports the replacement of hydrostatic testing with ILI critical feature detection.

“High-resolution Evo Eclipse crack inspection technologies offers operators more accurate results, with tighter depth-sizing tolerances,” said Mr Matthews.

“We are confident Evo Eclipse will become the new standard for reliable, efficient, and accurate pipeline inspections.”

For more information visit the NDT Global website.

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