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Enduro furthers its reputation as a provider of world-class pigging technology with the introduction of the Non-Intrusive Pig Sensor (NIPS).

New pigging products are always at the forefront of the pipeline industry, with the goal of making maintenance and inspection tasks as thorough, safe and efficient as possible. After a never-ending cycle of improvement and modification, one American company believes its most recent product ticks all the right boxes to become a worksite staple.

A well-known entity operating out of Oklahoma, US, Enduro Pipeline Services offers a range of services and products including in-line inspection, pipeline cleaning, tracking equipment and project management services for the pipeline industry.

Now, Enduro is furthering its reputation as an innovator in the field with the introduction of the Non-Intrusive Pig Sensor (NIPS) to its range of a products.

NIPS is a pig sensor that detects a change in the magnetic field as a pig is run through a pipeline and passes under the unit. The product is used most often at launchers, receivers and valve sites where pipe is exposed.

The system includes the NIPS unit, two sets of lithium CR123 batteries, allowing a 36-hour operating life, an instruction card and a high-impact O-ring sealed watertight carry case. Each NIPS is equipped with a strong rare-earth magnet on the base that attaches directly to the pipe.

The unit can be mounted directly to the pipe at any clock position with the highest visibility and kept as far as possible from external magnetic and electric fields to prevent false passage indications on the unit.

A simple, lightweight, portable and cost-effective unit, the company believes NIPS will be the next piece of standard tracking equipment.

Enduro Pipeline Services President Dwane Laymon said the device was an important and convenient product to bring into the marketplace.

“We understand the need of having a portable pig sensor, easy to use in a what can be a challenging environment,” he said.

“Customers can be confident this unit will give them the results they have come to expect from the Enduro line of tracking products at an affordable price.”

Enduro is furthering its reputation as an innovator in the field with the introduction of the Non-Intrusive Pig Sensor (NIPS) to its range of a products.

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