ClockSpring expands its infrastructure rehabilitation suite

ClockSpring has acquired Milliken Infrastructure Solutions, a leading manufacturer of repair products for critical infrastructure rehabilitation.

The acquisition of Milliken’s product range will increase the company’s line of composite solutions for industrial process and transmission pipelines, as well as adding pioneering technologies for water and wastewater infrastructure restoration.

ClockSpring’s portfolio will now include: spray-on geopolymer mortar lining, GeoSpray™; berm and secondary containment fabric, Concrete Cloth; strain reduction carbon fibre system, Atlas™; fibre reinforced plastic strengthening system, RenewWrap™.

The Atlas and RenewWrap products will be integrated into its composited division, while the GeoSpray and Concrete Cloth will be incorporated into a new concrete solutions division led by previous Milliken Global Market Director John Hepfinger.

“This acquisition expands ClockSpring|NRI’s ability to address complex integrity issues,” said ClockSpring CEO Matthew Boucher.

“Our combined engineering expertise and complementary product lines enable us to offer the most comprehensive suite of products and services for the safe and sustainable repair, maintenance and construction of critical infrastructure.”

Milliken Executive Vice President of Corporate Strategy and Development Alex Kim said the acquisition will see the company reach its full potential.

“Milliken has grown tremendously over the last few years as customers have increasingly adopted these differentiated products that solve relevant infrastructure rehabilitation challenges,” he said.

“With their global scale and focus on infrastructure, we believe that ClockSpring will be able to accelerate the growth and achieve the full potential of this business.”

For more information visit the ClockSpring website.

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