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Pipeline resumes operation after sabotage

Crude oil loadings at a terminal in Libya have resumed after a deliberate disruption to a pipeline occurred last week.

Libya’s National Oil Corporation (NOC) announced that the Sharara crude oil loading from Zawiya Port is once again operational after a valve on the connecting pipeline was reopened, five days after it had been deliberately closed.

NOC reported valve 13 on the pipeline, connecting the terminal to Sharara oilfield, was opened on 21 July forcing around 290,000 bbl/d offline.

During the shutdown, any local market fuel deficit was offset by international fuel imports, while crude oil supply to the Obari power station ceased.

Tests have been conducted along the pipeline by both NOC and Akakus Oil Operations to ensure all valves were operational, while NOC also said the relevant authorities had been alerted and were continuing to search for the perpetrators.

For more information visit the NOC website.

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