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YPAC on the rise

There is incredible potential for a new generation of young professionals in the pipeline industry. The Young Pipeliners Association of Canada’s (YPAC) 1,500 members in 2019 span across Canada, with chapters in Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver and a budding chapter in Toronto.

A range of key partnerships have been instrumental in helping to promote YPAC and its vision across the furthest corners of the industry in Canada.

CEPA support

The Canadian Energy Pipeline Association (CEPA) has been supportive of YPAC since its inception in 2012 and in 2017 formally started sponsoring YPAC through its non-profit fundraising efforts. CEPA and the CEPA Foundation are committed to creating opportunities for these young professionals to realize their potential.

Together, these organizations believe that knowledge transfer and collaboration is an important part of harnessing creativity and innovation to develop solutions to the complex problems that are currently before the pipeline industry.

“Working closely with CEPA means that YPAC members have access to key industry events and networking opportunities, all in support of developing pipeline engineers that have strong technical acumen, as well as a keen awareness of the broader issues that affect the industry,” says YPAC President and CEO Sarah Vandaiyar.

“We are looking forward to continuing this collaboration and believe that it is an integral part of building the future thought leaders in the industry.”

Last year, YPAC sponsored an engineering design team through Queen’s University’s TEAM Program. Working with educational institutions in eastern Canada provides a great medium for allowing all Canadians to develop an understanding of why pipelines are critical energy infrastructure.

For more information visit the YPAC website.

YPP Europe establishes Steering Committee

Young Pipeline Professionals (YPP) Europe is thrilled to announce the creation of its Steering Committee, comprising experienced individuals from the European pipeline industry. Each member has shown a commitment to ensuring the development of young talent and closing the generational skills gap.

The Steering Committee provides a mentorship function to guide the group in their quest to broaden the knowledge of their members.

Those who have accepted invitations to join the YPP Europe Steering Committee are:

YPP Europe would like to encourage all companies in the European pipeline space to get in touch via to host a physical or web-based event showcasing their technologies.

On 30 May, YPPE also hosted its first webinar, presented by YPPE Treasurer Thomas Rédarès. The seminar focused on InnerVue™ non-destructive pipeline diagnostics, and its ability to streamline pipeline maintenance and reduce risks.

Mr Rédarès discussed pressure wave analysis as a diagnostic tool for the effective and economic maintenance of pipelines. The system uses a pressure wave to detect flow inefficiencies, which could be caused by wax or hydrate deposits, stuck pigs or tools, leaks or illegal hot-taps without having to stop production, insert tooling or invest in intervention campaigns.

For more information visit the YPP Europe website.

YPF members enjoying a few drinks after the completion of the geo-tagging challenge.

YPF stays busy Down Under

The Young Pipeliners Forum (YPF) in Australia continues its strong presence throughout the local industry with members participating in regular events in chapters all across the country.


One of the most popular and entertaining events of the Queensland YPF calendar is the Mipela Geo-Tagging Challenge, and this year was no exception. To kick off the day, YPF members gathered at Mipela’s headquarters in the Fortitude Valley in Brisbane and were given a number of challenges to complete, with one overarching clue: utilities!

Competitors set off to find fire hydrants, sewer entries and even the highly endangered and elusive telephone booth, all while on the lookout for a friendly utility worker to take a selfie with. The completion of the last challenge revealed the final destination – one of the local watering holes, Newstead Brewery.

After narrowly avoiding the rain that plagued the event in previous years, the day was a resounding success and served as a great opportunity to build new relationships in a very different setting. Special thanks to Mipela GeoSolutions for sponsoring the event and organising the challenge.

The Queensland YPF Committee can be contacted at

Rain couldn’t dampen the spirits of the YPF in Melbourne.


Melbourne’s famously inclement weather wasn’t enough to dampen the spirits of a group of committed members of the Victorian YPF during a recent bare foot bowls event.

On 31 May, ironically the last day of Spring, a group of dedicated YPF members gathered in for an entertaining evening of networking. Despite the cold weather and occasional rain, the attendees managed to enjoy several games of bowls at the Richmond Union Bowling Club.

Great food and drinks were on offer all afternoon and into the evening, and when darkness eventually fell other activities including pool and Jenga entertained the YPF. The Victorian YPF wishes to thank Peter Norman Personnel for sponsoring the event.

For more information on the Victorian YPF, or for expressions of interest in being a Committee Member, contact YPF Victoria Chair Nicole Sciberras at

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For more information visit the AGPA YPF website.

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