Enduro Geophone now with Bluetooth speaker

Enduro has a culture of innovation and a recent update to its Wireless Geophone is no exception.

Enduro’s Wireless Geophone detects pig movement by sound amplification of normal noises created by a pig package. Whether the unit is placed on the ground or attached to exposed piping like valve settings and vent pipes, its performance remains first class with a host of features at the user’s disposal.

The sensitive system uses ground vibration, which amplifies the sound of the pig cups or discs hitting weld joints along the pipeline. The Geophone ground probe is pushed into the ground directly over the pipeline, allowing the user to hear a pig approaching from up to 8 km away, though this can vary depending on soil conditions.

The Geophone delivers high quality audio through a rechargeable headset, with volume control and the ground probe can run for up to 30 hours of operation when fully powered. Enduro has also added a high-quality Bluetooth speaker in order to give the user another listening option when tracking pigs while its headset can be recharged using a USB cable included in the pack.

The product has a durable industrial grade case and is compact in size, allowing it to be taken to any job site with ease in a high impact, o-ring sealed watertight carry case.

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