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Sudan and Ethiopia establish joint pipeline

The two African countries have agreed to establish a joint oil pipeline which will serve both nations.

According to the Sudan News Agency, an agreement was reached to construct the joint pipeline at a meeting in Addis Ababa between the Sudanese Minister of Energy and Mining Dr. Adel Mohamed Ibrahim and his Ethopian counterpart Seleshi Bekele. 

In addition to serving the two countries, Sudan and Ethiopia will also invite South Sudan to establish another branch of the pipeline that will extend to the South Sudan State to benefit the region.

Dr Adel said both countries are enthusiastic about the project and will commence the implementation of the pipeline shortly after the completion of partnership procedures. 

A discussion regarding the technical cooperation between Sudan and Ethiopia in the field of oil exploration and development also took place, with Ethiopia expressing appreciation for Sudan’s oil experience. 

Dr Adel also announced Ethiopia has expressed its willingness to increase the exported electricity power to Sudan. 

For more information visit the Sudan News Agency website

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