Canadian pipeline construction begins

Rangeland Midstream Canada has commenced construction of its Martin Hills Pipeline System.

The Martin Hills Pipeline System consists of new crude oil and condensate pipelines located in the Martin Hills region of north central Alberta, Canada.

The pipeline will extend approximately 85 km, terminating at an interconnect with Plains Midstream Canada’s Rainbow Pipeline System, and will gather crude oil production from the Clearwater formation.

The Martin Hills system is anchored by agreements with three of the region’s largest crude oil producers who have made a combined minimum volume commitment representing 40 per cent of the system’s capacity.

Rangeland Canada Vice President of Business Development Briton Speer said that after receiving all the required permits and regulatory approvals, the pipeline construction is expected to begin later this month.

“The Marten Hills system will alleviate infrastructure bottlenecks and allow us to provide our customers with flow assurance and the safe, high-quality transportation services they need to access the best markets,” said Mr Speer.

The system is expected to come into service in the second quarter of 2020.

Rangeland Midstream Canada is a wholly owned subsidiary of Rangeland Energy III LLC.

For more information visit the Rangeland Midstream Canada website.

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