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Managing Pipeline Threats is an overview of the threats and risks associated with the operation of oil and gas pipelines by industry experts.

The 470-page book examines all types of threats facing pipeline safety and operations including illegal tapping, corrosion, cracking, accidental third-party damage, geotechnical hazards and defective construction.

Prominent industry minds have collaborated to not only examine these threats, but explain methods and practices used to prevent and mitigate them.

Clarion said that everyone working in the pipeline industry and anyone concerned with safe and reliable operation of pipelines needs to be aware of these threats and understand how the resulting risks are managed, which Managing Pipeline Threats offers.

The book also includes embedded QR codes and links with which the reader can access an extensive library of reference documents, illustrations, photographs and videos.

The Managing Pipeline Threats’ authors comprise Dr Phil Hopkins, Dr Gerhard Knauf, Dr Michael Beller, Nigel Curson, Dr Andy Young, Dr Brian Leis, Marcelino Guedes Gomes, Dr Alan Murray, Hermann Rosen and Dick Williamson.

Clarion will have the book on display at the upcoming Pipeline Pigging and Integrity Management Conference and Exhibition (PPIM) as well as a ‘meet the authors’ event, subject to approvals.

Click here to purchase the print edition or click here to purchase the Kindle edition.

Use the above links to earn a 15 per cent discount on purchases made before 1 March 2020.

Proceeds from the sales are being donated to Young Pipeline Professionals organisations across the globe.

For more information visit the Managing Pipeline Threats website.

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