Managing the threat to critical infrastructure

Amid uncertainty and health risks, robust and accurate screening of COVID-19 for offshore activities is more vital than ever, says SSI Energy.

While the social and health implications of COVID-19 continue to be well-documented, what remains unclear is how critical infrastructure and the supply chain may suffer.

To combat this uncertainty, SSI Energy has discussed what measures can be put in place to preserve this infrastructure, especially onshore.

SSI Energy said it is imperative workers involved in the energy industry are supported in their efforts to keep operations running as, at this time, certain industries have a responsibility to keep functioning.

“These are the personnel who will keep the lights on in homes across the country and heating in the homes of those who really need it,” said the company.

Owed to this, onshore and offshore activities in remote and hostile locations need to continue and staff need to be able to operate effectively in an environment with varying information and protocols.

Pipelines need to be protected and personnel on remote sites need to have a rapid response medical service where conventional responders may be too far away.

Any personnel suspected with the virus must be dealt with effectively and sympathetically; human resources staff must have systems in place to ensure the wellbeing of all involved is catered for, regardless of how remote the operation is.

SSI Energy Director Jules Rawles said there are three core ways companies can help mitigate COVID-19 effects for offshore personnel, including:

  • implementing robust screening measures that can be instigated at reception centres, ports and heliports
  • rapid testing kits, particularly useful for the testing of offshore based personnel and must be conducted by a registered health care professional
  • and following strategic advice by having an experienced medical professional advice senior management and board members on protocols.

For more information visit the SSI Energy website.

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