WATCH: New offshore welding system

CRC-Evans Pipeline International has released its newly developed Orbis™ Offshore Internal Welding System.

The company drew on its experience of creating an internally mechanised welding system for pipeline applications and paired that knowledge with CRA girth-welding experience.

CRC-Evans Pipeline International said it gained this experience in both spool base and offshore projects around the globe.

“Some of the challenges we faced included burn-through, lack of penetration, and oxidation, especially when depositing the critical root pass in a CRA pipeline weld,” said CRC-Evans Pipeline International.

“We improved upon our already advanced industry-leading welding technology, virtually eliminating these challenges.

“Additionally, applying the Orbis™ system’s internal clad pass capability with our existing P-625 girth-welding system will allow customers to utilise a higher-strength, lower-cost carbon steel consumable.”

CRC-Evans Pipeline International expects the new system will eventually allow companies to implement higher-strength carrier pipe in the design process. 

For more information visit the CRC-Evans Pipeline International website.

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