Biden threatens Keystone XL

US Democratic Party Presidential Candidate Joe Biden said he will revoke the Keystone XL Pipeline permit if elected president.

Owned by TC Energy, the proposed $8 billion pipeline would run approximately 1,900 km from Alberta, Canada to Nebraska with a capacity of 830,000 bbl/day of oil.

The pipeline was rejected by former US President Barack Obama in 2015 over environmental concerns but was revived by President Donald Trump in 2017.

This week, Biden’s Campaign Policy Director Stef Feldman said in a statement that Mr Biden “strongly opposed” the pipeline during the previous administration and if elected president would “stop it for good” by rescinding the pipeline permit.

Construction of the project was halted in Montana by a federal judge last month after environmental groups argued the impact on endangered species in the area had not be correctly assessed.

The Trump Administration has appealed the ruling.

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