FERC issues new landowner protection

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) said it is furthering its commitment to landowners by amending its regulations.

With the amendment, construction of an approved natural gas project cannot proceed until FERC acts on a request for rehearing.

The final rule builds on actions initiated by FERC Chair Neil Chatterjee to protect the public’s access to the commission’s process for considering projects under sections 3 and 7 of the Natural Gas Act.

In September 2019, Mr Chatterjee pledged FERC would strive to act on landowner-related gas project rehearing requests within 30 days; in February 2020, he announced the creation of a new rehearing section to help ensure that requests were considered as quickly as possible.

Mr Chatterjee said these new rules build on the previous efforts and reinforces FERC’s commitment to transparency, fairness and improving procedural protections for landowners.

“The Commission has undertaken a number of initiatives to improve affected landowners’ access to a fair and transparent process and today’s effort is another important step forward,” said Mr Chatterjee.

“These are complex issues, with a diverse array of stakeholder input, but I remain firmly committed to doing what we can to make the FERC process as fair, open and transparent as possible for all those affected while the Commission thoroughly considers all issues.”

FERC considers applications for natural gas pipeline and liquefied natural gas projects under the Natural Gas Act.

The new rule states that even if a project has all other certifications and permissions to begin construction, it must wait to do so until FERC either acts on the rehearing request or the 30 day time limit passes with no requests for rehearing.

For more information visit the FERC website.

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