World LPG Association aims for gender balance

WLPGA created the ‘Women in LPG’ (WINLPG) to address this gender balance issue – formin an initiative that has continued to grow over the years.

In 2015, the World LPG Association (WLPGA) recognised an opportunity to take action and address the issue of improving diversity in the workforce. With a global voice for the LPG industry, WLPGA understood it was uniquely positioned to develop and implement such a network to foster change.

Soon after, WINLPG was born with a mission to support and help empower women in the LPG industry by leadership, coaching, mentoring, communication and promoting both role models and best practices.

Three pillars of objectives

WINLPG has three pillars of objectives, the first being ‘Support and Retain’. This comprises setting up the global network, developing a social media presence, creating role model profiles and holding consistent knowledge exchange workshops.

The second pillar, titled ‘Promotion and Advocacy’ focuses on gaining visibility for the network through continued partnerships, promoting case studies and role models and using the media to publicise advocates.

Lastly, ‘Educate and Attract’ relates to WINLPG’s goal to both educate and attract members and interested parties via global events, creating external education opportunities at universities and schools and continuing education throughout the industry itself.

A critical development year

WINLPG says 2020 will be a critical development year for the network with work focusing on expanding the major strides achieved in 2019 and keeping up the momentum.

By developing the network via inbound and outbound communication in addition to leveraging visits to the WLPGA member companies, WINLPG says it will be able to promote the network and engage new members while also investing time to support its current national chapters and develop new ones.

The ten outlined 2020 goals for WINLPG are:

1.Support all national chapters with regular outreach and establish a reporting structure.

2.Launch at least two new national chapters.

3.Launch and manage Woman of the Year and Young Woman of the Year awards.

4.Hold at least three knowledge exchange workshops or networking sessions.

5.Publish six additional role model profiles.

6.Engage four new ambassadors.

7.Continue to develop social media presence.

8.Publish a newsletter every six weeks.

9.Conduct a further audit to assess number of women in the industry.

10.Develop a strategy to include more men in the network.

Woman of the Year Awards

WINLPG first ran the successful initiative of the ‘Woman of the Year Award’ in 2018 and added the ‘Young Woman of the Year Award’ the following year.

In 2020, both awards will be repeated with the winners to be announced during the World LPG Forum in Dubai in November 2020.

Nominations for both awards are now open with nominations accepted for an individual themselves or a colleague. WINLPG says even if an individual has applied in previous years, they are encouraged to apply again.

The prestigious Woman of the Year Award is awarded each year to an outstanding woman working in the LPG industry. The award recognises an individual who has distinguished themselves within the sector, demonstrated leadership and successful influence in her community, epitomises WINLPG’s values and has made a significant contribution to the LPG industry or the cause of diversity.

The Young Woman of the Year Award is to recognise a woman under the age of 30 at 1 January 2020 who has joined the industry with a commitment to a long-term career. The award recipient will have demonstrated a significant level of motivation in the industry and her own personal development through facets such as pursuing additional training and knowledge expansion.

The deadline for applications is 31 August 2020 with submissions for nominations to be completed via a form available at

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