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Machinery & equipment

Pipelayers & sidebooms

Choosing the right pipelayer for your needs

Pipelayers and sidebooms are a key piece of machinery on any[...]

Big performance in a small package: new pipelayer enters the market

SUPERIOR's family of pipelayers just got bigger with the add[...]

Pipelayers and sidebooms: tips for safety and stability

Pipelayers and sidebooms are essential pipeline construction[...]

Pipelayers and sidebooms: the importance of safety and stability

Pipelayers and sidebooms are essential pipeline construction[...]

Transport & logistics

Ukraine conflict could see Europe compete with Asia for LNG: Wood Mackenzie

Wood Mackenzie's latest analysis demonstrates the potential [...]

Gulf Coast Project begins delivering crude oil to Nederland, Texas

TransCanada Corporation's Gulf Coast Project has begun deliv[...]

Pipelines pose fewer risks for workers than rail according to new report

Oil transport by pipeline presents significantly lower safet[...]

Vacuum lifters

The importance of choosing the right vacuum lifter

Many people think that vacuum lifters are all the same and t[...]

SUPERIOR SVL-Series vacuum lifter: a more practical alternative

SUPERIOR Manufacturing makes pipe lifting and handling easy [...]

Vacuworx: expanding to support the industry

Laying the groundwork to move precious natural resources is [...]

Handle with care

Handling pipe and material on job sites is a labour intensiv[...]

Trenchless Technology

Designing the first HDD rigs

Horizontal directional drilling (HDD) rigs are widely used o[...]

River crossing with Direct Pipe

Michels Canada completed the first installation using the Di[...]

A pipeline state of mind

The first new natural gas pipeline to be built into Manhatta[...]

Connecting Italy: the Zimella – Cervignano pipeline project

The largest pipeline in Italy, the Zimella - Cervignano Pipe[...]

Trenchers & earthmoving equipment

Overcoming Latin America’s toughest infrastructure projects

Chile's Atacama Desert is considered one of the most arid an[...]

Tesmec opens Marcellus branch

Texas-based company Tesmec USA has opened its newest sales, [...]

Choosing the right trencher

For nearly a half century, contractors have relied on trench[...]

Advantages and limitations of using chain trenchers in rock

There are various methods for excavating trenches in rock - [...]

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