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October 15, 2002 Projects 0

MAJOR CONTRACTORS in high-pressure gas-distribution pipeline projects have joined forces with UK gas pipeline operator Transco to form The Pipeline Construction Group.

Panel to help develop Nicaragua pipeline plan

October 14, 2002 Projects 0

ANOTHER STEP has been taken toward construction of Nicaragua’s planned petroleum pipeline that would cross the Central American nation from Monkey Point on the Atlantic to Corinto Port on the Pacific.

Australian companies win second trunkline contract

October 14, 2002 Asia, Projects, Regions 0

WOODSIDE Energy Ltd on behalf of the North West Shelf Venture, today announced the award of two major contracts for the Venture’s US$440-million second trunkline project.

Bangla gas pipeline survey

October 11, 2002 Asia, Projects, Regions 0

EVEN AS Dhaka ponders over setting-up gas pipelines between Bangladesh and India, the Gas Authority of India Ltd has invited bids for the survey of the project.

å£60-million contract for Goldeneye onshore gas pla

October 11, 2002 Europe, Projects, Regions 0

A å£60-million contract has been awarded to Foster Wheeler Energy Ltd by Shell UK Ltd and its coventurers for the engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) of the Goldeneye gas-condensate onshore processing facility at the Shell/Esso St Fergus gas plant near Aberdeen.

New water main sampling is a first for the UK

October 11, 2002 Machinery & equipment 0

A NEW technique pioneered by Yorkshire Water and its contractor Kenton Utilities to accurately inspect the internal condition of water pipes prior to relining is set to minimize discolouration risk to customers and reduce costs in major projects.

Corus Tubes wins down under

October 10, 2002 Asia, Projects, Regions 0

A MAJOR contract, which has already led to the supply of 1300 tonnes of pipe to Australia, has been awarded to the UK’s Corus Tubes energy business division.

Pakistan signs trilateral gas pipeline agreement

October 10, 2002 Asia, Projects, Regions 0

PAKISTAN, Afghanistan, and Turkmenistan signed a landmark agreement on 30 May to construct a gas pipeline that will originate in Daulatabad, Turkmenistan, and will terminate at Gwadar in Pakistan, passing through Afghanistan.

GAIL ties up with GdeF

October 10, 2002 Asia, Projects, Regions 0

INDIA’S state-owned Gas Authority of India (GAIL) and Gaz de France have entered into a agreement for joint implementation of potential projects covering LNG imports, oil and gas exploration and production, and development of gas pipelines infrastructure in the country.

New Sui Northern pipelines

October 9, 2002 Asia, Projects, Regions 0

PAKISTAN’S Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Ltd (SNGPL) is laying a pipeline from Sehwan Sharif to Multan to cater to industrial users in the region.

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